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As It's Happening...

Class J have got a great view of the building works as they're happening. See below for our weekly update:

Week Beginning 4th March

The builders have ripped out the small wall beside the year 3 and 4 classrooms. They have replaced it with a nice grassy bank. Jacob and Ewan

Week Beginning 27th February

The walls have now been put up for the new classrooms and they are beginning the roof. The floor for the new hall has now been put in. Keria and Lucy.


Week beginning 4th February

They have started to put up the walls as well as attaching it to the school building. They have been removing a few roof tiles to do this. Finn and Ethan

Week beginning 28th January

The walls have been delivered and are waiting to be built. The concrete floors have been poured and are now drying out: it's taking a long time with the current weather. Chloe and Ava.

Week beginning 7th January

The past few weeks the buliding has started it's first few layers. The playground has been demolished ready for new classrooms. By Fern And Sophie.

Week beginning 17th December

This week they cleared the rubble away and started to dig the footings, so we can now see where the new classrooms are going to be. Ruby and Lois.

11th December 2018

The digger is moving all the playground rubble ready to dispose of it.

10th December 2018

At St Stephen's Primary School, the building work has started. Over the weekend, they've begun demolishing the playground and gravelled the field, so the builders can drive their trucks on and off site with ease.

By Joseph and Logan

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