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Computing at St. Stephen's

At school we have an ICT suite which houses 25 computers and other specialised equipment to enable us to hold computing lessons. We have futher technologies (including tablets, ipads, visualisers and laptops) for use in the classrooms - so ICT is embeded in other subjects too.

Some computing lessons are taught by class teachers and some classes are taught by specialist teachers.

Our computing rules

The following rules are expected of the pupils to help them remain safe while using technologies. A copy is sent home once a year as a reminder and they are displayed around school.

  • I will only use my logon when using the school computers.
  • When bringing in computer files from home, I will gain my teachers’ and/or parental permission.
  • I will always ask permission from an adult to go on the computers in school.
  • All messages I send will be polite and sensible.
  • I will not give out personal information (such as my name, where I live and my date of birth) to anyone online.
  • If I see anything I am unhappy with online, I will tell an adult straight away.
  • I understand that my computer use in school is monitored.
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