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Our school ethos is simple: 'Be the best you can be'
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Welcome to Our Website

Welcome to our website. It is constantly being updated so please check in often to find out information about our fantastic school. Our Facebook page shows what is happening weekly, and can be accessed through a Facebook membership too.

St Stephen's Primary - Our School

Our School is a great school built on our core values of 'CARE'. Our values are important to us - they empower us to drive our vision and our beliefs that every child, parent, and member of staff in our school community can be the best they can be.

St Stephen's is situated in the proud and ever-changing village of Fradley. It is built on the site of the original village school; a quaint Victorian school house that stood in 1875 and originally opened by the Reverend W Inge with seven children attending. Over the years it has grown and our recent extension to the building, and forthcoming grounds,  has enabled us to work towards becoming a two-form entry school to cater for the increasing numbers of new families and children moving to the village. We see ourselves as a central hub of village life, drawing together families within the community. 

We have great belief in our children. Our goal is to ensure access and ambition for all. It is a school where we value every child, where we do real work for a real purpose whenever we can with the aim that our children can see the powerful learners they can be and the impact that they can have in making their world a better place on a local, national and global scale.

At St Stephen's your children will all find their passions, motivations and love of learning when they walk through our gates. They will navigate friendships, learning challenges and how to have a voice and express their opinions. They will learn about high expectations of behaviour and how they are accountable for their actions. All of these interactions are carefully supported and guided by members of staff.

When vistors walk into our school, there is always a comment about the feel or as we call it 'quiddity'. The definition of this word talks about the essence or distinctive feature of something. Our school has great quiddity. We know this because our children are proud of it and live the values we teach and encourage. They are hard-working, open-minded, collaborative and polite. When you walk around the school there is a 'buzz'. The buzz of children and staff working together - learning together.

They will do this because we have a leadership team who drive standards in all areas, and staff who are committed, inspiring and believe that all children can achieve. They craft lessons that are engaging, motivating, and skillfully weave together the knowledge, skills and dispositions preparing all our children for the next steps in their learning journeys.

Our commitment is to develop and sustain great educational provision that serves our children, families and community, and leaves a lasting legacy. When your children look back at their time at St Stephen's, they will do so with pride and a sense of achievement and fond memories.

Welcome to our school.

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Dear Parents / Carers,

I am delighted to confirm that St Stephen’s continues to be a ‘good’ school.

(Ofsted 2023)

I am delighted to inform you that our recent Ofsted Report, from our two-day inspection in November, is now available on the school website above and will be released on the Ofsted site by the end of next week.

St Stephen’s is indeed a good school, and this official Ofsted acknowledgement further reinforces our passion, desire, drive and enthusiasm to continue our vision and aims that we have set ourselves.

Please take the time to read the report in full and join us in celebrating our success.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the staff, children, governors, families and parents (past and present), who have worked tirelessly to make our school the best that it can be - this report is a huge reflection on the hard work and effort that everyone has put in over the last few years especially.

Thank you.

With the kindest regards,

Mr Dowd.


School News Feed
  • Weather
    30 September 2022
    Wellies, alternative footwear & Coats
    Dear Parents, With the weather changing and our lunchtime 'OPAL' play being enjoyed by the children so much, we would like to keep using the field as much as possible and in all weathers. Therefore, we need the children to have a change of footwear so the mud from the field doesn't find a new home in school everyday. (We will be thinking about how and where to house 600 footwear items over the next few days - a problem to solve as Mrs Horsnail would say). If you could try to provide your child with a good pair of wellies, which we think will be the best as they are waterproof and can be stored and sheltered outside, then the children could change in and out of them easily at lunchtime. Add to this a rain or waterproof coat with a hood, and we could be outside, in space, as much as possible. With the kindest regards, Mr Dowd
  • Reminder
    30 September 2022
    Inset Day on Monday
    Dear Parents, Just a quick reminder that school is closed this Monday, 3rd October for pupils (staff inset day). School will be open again on Tuesday 4th October as usual. Kind Regards Mr Dowd
  • General
    29 September 2022
    'Take-away Cafe'
    Dear Parents, Next Thursday 6th October is our school census day. The census takes all different kinds of information about the school on that day. One of which is how many pupils have a hot dinner. School funding is heavily based on the census return we provide this October. The more hot dinners taken that day, the more funding we will get as school. Therefore, we are holding our 1st of six 'Take-away Cafes' on this day next week. Then 1 every half term thereafter as I know the children will enjoy looking forward to it. The 'Take-away Cafe' menu will be based on a well known branded high street food outlet with a 'burger & fries' theme. It would be great for as many children as possible to have a hot dinner next Thursday, but please don't feel pressured. The hot meal is the usual price of £2.50 and can be paid for on parentpay. With the kindest regards Mr. Dowd
  • General
    13 September 2022
    Parent Governor Vacancy
    Dear Parents / Carers, We have a vacancy on our school governing body for a parent governor to start this term. If you are interested in being part of the team and having an input into the strategical direction of the school, then please nominate yourself and apply before noon on the 30th September 2022. Application forms can be collected from the school office or downloaded from the governors tab (in 'About Us') from the school website. Kind Regards Mr. Dowd
  • Important
    16 June 2022
    Hot Weather Advice
    We hope that you are all enjoying the warmer weather! Here are a few reminders that make life for all of us in school a little easier and slightly more comfortable as the temperatures rise. WATER BOTTLES - Please ensure that children come to school with a water bottle. There are plenty of places around school where the children can fill these up but we will be encouraging children to drink water throughout the day. SUNHATS AND SUNSCREEN - We welcome children coming to school with sunhats and sunscreen. They will be encouraged to reapply sunscreen before going outside, and will be reminded to wear sunhats if they have them. NAMING JUMPERS/CARDIGANS - Understandably, children are taking off jumpers and cardigans all over the place! These stand a much better chance of being reunited with their owners if they are labelled with names. Thanks for your support.
  • Sports
    13 June 2022
    Sports Week
    Just a reminder that this week in school is sports week. There will be active sessions each day, so chidden are encouraged to wear PE kit all week.

After School Tennis

Microsports will be continuing Tennis sessions after the Easter Holiday.

If your child hasn't participated this term and would like to do so next term you are more than welcome to join.

If you would like to book on please follow the link below or if you have any questions please email charlotte@micro-sports.co.uk

St Stephen's After School Tennis (Thursday 4-6) April - May — MicroSports (microsportsltd.co.uk)

St Stephen's After School Tennis (Tuesday Y1-3) April-May — MicroSports (microsportsltd.co.uk)

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