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Headteacher's Message

It is my pleasure to welcome you to St Stephen's.  I am very proud of our school and promise to do everything I can to help your child thrive and develop a life long love of learning.

St Stephen's Primary School is at the heart of the village and plays an important role in the Community.  It is always a pleasure to welcome parents, grandparents and others in to school. 

We have talented staff eager to get to know your child and make every day a rich and rewarding experience.  Our teaching approach aims to give children a language of learning that enables them to know and talk confidently about what good learning looks and sounds like.  We strive to motivate our children to be aspirational, resilient pupils who persevere, collaborate and embrace challenge.  You will hear children refer to "key skills" and see, in every classroom, characters representing them.  It is the language of key skills that opens the door to powerful learning.

Prospective parents are urged to visit St Stephen's where, I guarantee, you will receive a warm welcome.  Please do not hesitate to call and arrange a visit.  I will be delighted to show you around our delightful school.

RSC Davies


School Office

Due to the on-going building work, the School Office has moved to a new temporary base.  As such if you need to speak to the School Office, please call on 01283 790268.  

For any late arrivals, appointments etc, again please call the office and a member of staff will arrange to meet you.

Thank you.


After School Tennis Club

Please see below message sent to Parents by MicroSports:

Unfortunately we have to cancel tennis for this half term because of the building work that is taking place. This has taken longer than expected so there is nothing we can do to try and make the tennis run this half term. 


I am aware that payment has been made. You can either carry this over in credit to next half term or to access your full refund please contact me directly with your sort code and account number so that I can send the refund straight to you please. If you paid via cheque I can destroy the cheque. Let me know what works best for you. 


To make sure that the children don’t miss out on tennis this half term I have listed some sessions below that they can get involved with. 


Tuesday 5.30 - 6.30pm, Lichfield Friary Tennis Club

Saturday 9am, Lichfield Friary Tennis Club

Saturday 1pm, Alrewas Tennis Club

Saturday 2pm, Alrewas Tennis Club (year 6 only)

Sunday 10.30pm, Lichfield Friary Tennis Club


If you require any details of theses sessions then let me know. 


There is also tennis for kids available via the link below where your child received six coaching sessions, a free racket and personalised t-shirt for £25. These are available at both Lichfield Friary tennis club and Alrewas tennis club. Please see the links below or get in touch for further information. 





My sincere apologies again but as I say unfortunately there is nothing that can be done. 

Kind Regards,

Michael Hampson

Director | Microsports

Building Update and Entry/Egress Arrangements                  

The building project is coming together really well. Having encountered some unexpected challenges over the summer, the completion date has had to be put back by a few weeks. The expected finish date is now October 11th. When I have absolute surety that this date will be met I will inform you of the INSET days, during which some time will be used to organise the internal spaces of the school.

In the meantime, I would like to thank you for your forbearance under our difficult circumstance. The children have responded brilliantly and are coping extremely well with the in-school organisational situation.

At present, parents/carers are managing to get children into school with few issues. Collecting children is more problematic, however. With the next phase of the build beginning soon, there will be a few more challenges to meet as well.

We know

· At the end of the school day there is congestion around Y2 rooms and at the gate to the parish land.

· There is a bottleneck where the Y3-6 children leave school

· There is a further bottleneck at the gate to the parish land (THANK YOU to those of you who have waited there for your children)

· The difficulty of dropping off/collecting at EY and getting around to meet others at the small playground

· The difficulty of getting past the older children to fetch your bike/scooter if you are very small/young

· Soon the Y2 doorways are going to taken out of use whilst a toilet block and fence is erected (date tbc)

· Tarmacking of the main playground must be finished before the aforementioned toilets can be built

· Change is always a challenge!

We will

· Make it easier for the very young children to leave their bikes by putting a bike rack closer to the small playground for Y1/2 children to use if they wish.

· Put a dedicated bike/scooter area for EY children to leave their bikes/scooters in the EY outside area when the area is complete. Until then, they can be leant against the wall as now.

· Temporarily allow EY children to be collected up to ten minutes before the end of school for those who are able to do so (from 3.20pm)

· Temporarily allow Y1 children to be collected five minutes earlier by those who are able to do so (from 3.25pm)

· Release KS2 children at 3.30pm as presently

· When toilet block is being built, collect Y2 children on the small playground and escort them to class (date tbc)

· Bring Y2 children to the small playground to be released to the appropriate adults when the toilet block is being built (date tbc)

· Make a decision about the long term placement of KS1 bikes/scooters at a later date.

· Ensure pupils know to remain with teachers if adult can’t be found

We ask

· EY children to enter via “sculpture” entrance

· Y1-6 children to enter from the parish land onto the school premises

· Adults waiting for children in years 3 to 6 to do so wait outside the gates

· Adults collecting children in years 1 and 2 to avoid crowding close to the door/gate to enable teachers and children to identify you more easily. Please spread yourselves out.

· When the toilet build begins that Y2 children are passed over to staff member on the small playground in the morning

We must remember

· How lucky we are to have the vast space of the parish land to use to collect our children. Many schools would be envious of this environment

· What an amazing learning environment we will have before too long

· It will be worth it!


RSC Davies and Staff

Shakespeare Club

We have been advised of a delay in the sale of tickets by the Garrick Theatre - we will advise as and when we receive further information.

GDPR Permission Letters 2019

If you have not already returned your child's GDPR Permission Letter please do so as a matter of urgency.  A copy can be found under Parents Letters on this website.

Theft from School

St. Stephen’s staff and pupils are saddened and disappointed by the theft of a time lapse camera that was being used to record the development of their new building.  The camera was taken over the weekend of 1st and 2nd June.

The school had been planning to use the images, which have been taken at half-hourly intervals during school hours since the project began last October, as the central part of the ‘opening’ ceremony.

Furthermore, the images would have provided an important document of this moment in the school’s history.

The school believes the thieves to be local residents and, most likely, ex-pupils which makes the theft all the more upsetting.  If anyone has information about the whereabouts of the memory card from the camera, please inform the school.  The return of the card, anonymously or otherwise, would be welcomed.

Language of the Term



To show respect for other cultures, as a whole school, each term we learn about a new language.     

Languages we have covered include Urdu, Polish, Catalan, British Sign Language and Punjabi.

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