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Update from Mr Dowd - 31st March

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Year 6 Shugborough Interest Form

Year 6 Parents - Please follow the link below to complete a short form about the possibility of the Shugborough Residential (June 2021) 


Easter Holiday Sports Camp with Progressive Sports


Official St Stephen's Facebook Page

We are delighted to tell you that St Stephen's is moving with the times! 

There is now an official St Stephen's Facebook Page. This is going to be the first port of call for sharing information with you. We are going to be celebrating what the children are achieving in school and informing you of important dates and events. However, please be aware that individual queries and comments will not be answered through the Facebook page. You should still contact the office or your child's classteacher in this instance.

We will be embedding this into the website so that the Facebook feed can be viewed on here too.

Click on the image below to see the official St Stephen's Facebook page.   


Permission to share images on the St Stephen's Facebook Page

The Facebook Page will be enhanced by using images of the children enjoying school and showcasing their learning, and it will be a great opportunity for parents to find out more about the wonderful experiences your children participate in at school. We aim to regularly share our stars of the week, and while at the moment we cannot invite you all into school to join in our celebrations, we hope that the Facebook page will give you more of an insight into day-to-day school life.  

Please fill in the form below to allow us to share images of your child/children. Please note that if you do not complete the form below, we will assume that you have not given permission. Paper copies can be obtained from the school office if you are having difficulty. The form will need to be filled in for each child separately. 

We will never share your child's full name alongside their image.



Wellbeing Wednesday at St Stephen's Primary School 24/2/21

We have linked our 'Wellbeing Wednesday' to our key skills. 

These skills enable our children to become more confident in expressing their learning both in terms of positives and areas to develop. They unlock their learning potential across all areas of the school curriculum and life beyond, reflecting the active nature of learning. 

What is exciting about this approach is that it aligns with evidence from neuroscience and psychology on the critical importance of metacognition for success in life, learning and work. 

Each phase has a 'wellbeing' tab on their page on DB Primary and on this page you will find a Key Skills board. 

There are activities for your children to do and they can either:

  • Select one or two of the activities (They don't have to do all of them)
  • Create their own activity linked to the focus of communication and write it into the box.
  • Select to do an Improving your own Learning activity to focus on an area they would like to develop.

Enjoy your day and we are sure their teachers will be excited to hear about the activities they selected.

Social key skill

Keeping Safe Online

Please take some time to read the Online Safety posters below. These have been e-mailed to both children and parents. It is really important that during this time when we are all online such a lot that we are doing all that we can to keep our children safe. 

Staying Safe Online KS1 Ks2 Internet Safety

Guidelines for Zoom Meetings

Guidelines for Zoom

SEND Information

equity - SEEDSPlease see the SEND page, found in the Key Information tab, for the new ‘Kind Minds’ newsletter, produce by Staffordshire & Stroke on Trent Partnership.

The focus is on services available for children and young people to support their mental health and wellbeing.                

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