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Adjust the Volume

Alter the:

  • Amount to be  produced by pupil
  • Amount of work to be processed by pupil
  • Teacher talk
  • What is read, viewed or listened to

Stage the Task

  • Physical copies of all items on the board
  • Paper copies of all work / resources 

Change the Presentation

  • Change the format:
  • colour
  • font
  • size
  • Clear, well-spaced

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Access for All - Removing Barriers to Learning

When we plan and deliver our lessons (in every subject) we think about how we can ensure that they are accessible to all children. We use the following strategies to help support our planning and delivery.

Adjust the Complexity

  • Change amount of details to be imparted.
  • Change the complexity of ideas  that are needed to create or interpret

Adjust the Rate

  • Allow more time for the pupil to:
  • Process & understand
  • Complete a task
  • Demonstrate knowledge

Provide Support Aids

  • Classroom seating
  • Learning aids i.e. pens, grips, slopes, concrete apparatus, ear defenders, wobble cushions etc.
  • Reading rulers, Toolkits, dictionaries, highlighters
  • All maths apparatus: numicon, counters, dice, money, number cards / lines, place value counters, fraction sets, rulers, weights
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