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Welcome to our Science page

Here you can find information about Science at St. Stephens. 

As well as learning about natural phenomenon in the world around our children, we want them to leave our school with a curiostity about their world and with the skills to find out more. 

Any further questions you have please contact Mrs Jones and Mr Griffiths.

Key Concepts

Our science key concepts are embedded throughout our curriculum.

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Key concepts
science image

Science at home!

Here's some websites for you to explore at home:

The BBC Bitesize website is full of information, quizzes, games and videos that aline to the National Curriculum. This is a great website to review content your children are learning at school.

Click here for a website to do science experiments at home with things yo have lying around.

For more fun science to do at home click here.

Operation Ouch is a fantastic science programme aimed at KS2 covering all sorts of science topics! (Please be aware this lilnk will open up YouTube and we have no control over suggested videos and adverts. We suggest adult supervision while viewing.)






Procedural knowledge progression

Our procedual knowledge progression outlines what we want the children to learn and teachers to teach.

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science procedual knowledge progression

'Canal progression coverage' map

Our 'canal progression coverage' maps show the links and connections between the different elements of science and how they build on each other as children progress through school.

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science canal map image
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