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PhunkyFoods - Being healthy in lockdown

Dear Parents,

Please use this 'PhunkyFoods' weekly home learning pack resource to help keep your children healthy though lockdown.

It is a resource in school that we use sometimes and is supported by the County Council. It is really good and has all the hyperlinks attached for ease of use. It might make your kitchen a little messy though, as cooking is part of the course!

The link can be found here PhunkyFoods. Have fun with it.

Learning New Cooking Skills

Dear Parents / Carers,

If you would like your children to take over the kitchen, especially during this lockdown time, our school lunchtime food provider ‘Chartwells’, have developed a YouTube video channel that provides an opportunity for our children to learn all about cooking. 

‘The Super Yummy Kitchen’ - the place where fun, food and education meet, aims to nourish every young mind and body with exceptional food and learning; going beyond the kitchen, teaching young people and their families the joy of cooking great food, together with great nutrition.

Please see their Simply delicious, super yummy cook-a-long videos, recipes and nutrition tips by following this link:




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