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Remote Learning

If we find ourselves in the unfortunate and undesirable position where we are required to close the school, (either wholly, partly or individually), we are able to offer remote learning immediately.

As a staff, we have analysed and reviewed our previous practice from earlier in the year, and now feel far more confident and reassured to provide a clear and consistent approach to continued learning across the school.

The following information details our approach.

If your child is self-isolating due to Coronavirus, then a 10 day learning pack of activities will be available to pick up from the school office or if easier dropped off by a member of staff and left outside your door. The pack will be a collection of age or stage related activities carefully selected from our sequenced curriculum.

In the event of a ‘class pod/bubble’ isolating, or a whole school National Lockdown, work will be posted daily onto DB Primary where there will be a daily timetable of tasks -for your children to access.
This work will vary slightly depending upon the year group your child/children are in. We will discuss our expectations with the children at school beforehand making sure they understand how the home-learning process will work, and also to alleviate any misconceptions that they may have. Your support at home will be essential for this to work smoothly and will be give a significant advantage to your child.
To improve the use of our remote learning platform - DB Primary - your children have been accessing the website during their computing lessons ensuring they are familiar with the layout; how to access files; how to send and respond to email, and how to upload information. It is worth noting, that we can appreciate the difficulties in providing internet access to more than one child in a household and therefore we suggest downloading the activities at the beginning of the school day on to other devices you may have, so they can be accessed later, making flexible use possible. If any households are struggling in this area, we are here to help and we will endeavor to provide alternative means of learning for your children.

Home Learning Timetable(2)

How will we feedback to children to provide encouragement and support?

  •  Class / group feedback will be through ‘live’ feedback sessions using 'zoom'. The links to the sessions will be posted on the class pages of DB Primary. 
  •  Individual pupil feedback will be made through the DB Primary e-mail and each child has a logon. Children are being taught how to access their e-mail accounts ready for this.
  •  Work will take the form of videos, website quizzes, Power Points, Word documents and PDF’s
  •  Children’s work can be uploaded to the Class Blog. This can take the form of a word or publisher document, power-point, scanned image, photograph or any other common form of recording.
  •  Work will be uploaded by teachers by 9:00am each day.
  •  If your child does not have access to any devices or internet connectivity in order to complete their work, e.g. laptop or tablet, please contact the school as soon as possible.
  •  Books will be provided so that printing can be kept to a minimum.
  •  Any pupils not accessing DB Primary or not making regular contact with their teacher (s) will be followed up by the school, by email, phone call , text or other means to ensure learning is taking place. Children that we feel may be vulnerable during a further lockdown time will be contacted more often than others. This will be to ensure the best support possible for these children.

If any pupil is unwell or unable to complete any home learning work, please email their teacher to explain in order to relieve any anxiety for the pupil.

Remote Learning Responsibilities(2)
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