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climbing a tree
visiting a museumpuddle splash

Our 18 things to do

Activities to do

At St Stephen’s we want all our pupils to thrive in school, but also thrive on the many experiences that are on offer outside school too.

Learning takes place everywhere and we want all children to learn and have experiences that happen outside of the classroom as often as possible.

We have developed our 'Things to do before you leave St Stephen's' activity sheets from the National Trust 50 Things to do before you’re 11¾; the Department for Education's,  'Activity Passports' and our knowledge of the local and national area.

Each year group has their own specific 18 challenges, however, if you can handle the challenge from a different year group go for it!

We have also added an 'additional 60 things to do before you leave St Stephen's' this year, to keep everyone busy and an adventurer. 

Please enjoy being a child and have fun!


Please click on a year groupimage below to open in a new window. Print it off and tick of the challenges as you complete them.

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Y1 image
Y2 image
Y3 image
Y4 image
Y5 image
Y6 image
Additional 60v2 image
baking biscuits
dress up superheroes
making a dam
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