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Phases at St Stephen's

Staff and children work closely in phases at St Stephen's. Take a look below to see which phase your children are part of. 

Phase Year Groups Staffing 

Early Years Foundation Stage





Reception / Year 1

Class A

Miss Emily Gray-Davis

Supported by Mrs Jayne Hale 

Class B

Miss Thomasina Sargent supported by Mrs Gemma Cudmore

Key Stage 1


Year 1




Year 2



Year 2 

Class C

Mrs Alison Cotterill & Mrs Vicky Collis supported by Mrs Jackie Barratt & Ms Tanya Franklin & Mr Andy Heath

Class D

Mrs Helen Jones &  Mrs Nuala Baker 

Class E

Miss Liz Shaw 

Lower Key Stage 2


Year 3



Year 4



Year 3 & 4

Class F

Miss Louise Starkey supported by Mr Andy Heath

Class G

Mrs Emery-Talbot (Mon/Tues)

Mrs Liebenwood (Wed-Fri)

Class H

Mr Griffiths (Wed-Fri)

Mrs Horsnail (Mon-Tue)


Upper Key Stage 2


Year 5



Year 5 and 6



Year 6

Class I

Miss Rosie Shanahan

Supported by Mrs Claire Hinsley

Class J

Mr Peter Mennell supported by Mrs Lyndsey Snape

Class K

Miss Ellen Hodgkinson

 supported by Mrs Lyndsey Snape


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